Veterans day is usually the day we honor the soldiers of this country but today we take the time to honor one of their families.

Mario Ybarra, Jr. lost his father to the Vietnam war just eight days shy of his first birthday. Although his memory does not go back that far, he  shares the few items he carries of his father.

Photos that were kept in storage for nearly 40 years came to life today at the exhibition room in the McAllen creative incubator.

Ybarra tells us these superimposed images of his fathers funeral from 1966 represents his valor and sacrifice but most importantly a pain that is often felt in silence.

Mario says this photo is his favorite because although his dad is in a casket, it is the only photo of father and son.

David Treviño from the Rio Grande Valley Patriot Guard Riders, says having worked alongside many families the emotional pain they feel is often unbearable.

Veterans day is Monday and if you would like to pay tribute you can visit the Veterans War Memorial of Texas where there will be a celebration beginning at 11 a.m.