Authorities say a nearly 600-thousand dollar drug bust, and the two arrests that followed, are credited with a tip.

Hidalgo County’s high intensity drug task force seized over 12-hundred pounds of marijuana yesterday at a warehouse in McAllen, hidden within a commercial shipment.

26-year-old Francisco Irwin Gallegos Ruiz and 17-year-old Arnoldo Muniz Ruiz were charged with felony marijuana possession this afternoon.
According to justice of the peace Rosa Trevino, the duo– who are cousins– don’t have a drug trafficking history on record.

“This is the first time they are caught with drugs of course, they said they didn’t know what it was and it’s a possibility that they were just loading
Robes de bal courte a truck, but within the other produce or whatever materials there was the marihuana”

Trevino adds that the suspects are Mexican nationals they each were issued a 75-thousand dollar bond and if convicted, face at least 10 years behind bars.