Residents will have to choose between re-electing the current mayor or for change.
Another round of elections is upon the residents of Mission, and this time the race centers around the highest office in the city where Mayor Norberto Salinas seeks to be re-elected for a sixth time, running against two new opponents: Jaime Gutierrez the businessman and John Guerra, a medical doctor, both of whom plan to end Salinas’ trajectory.
However it’s that trajectory and his 28 years of experience in local government that the mayor believes makes all the difference.
Salinas says the transformation of the city is due to the economic expansions that have benefitted everyone but Gutierrez, who runs on a platform in favor of helping families, discredits the mayor’s slogan of ‘One Mission’ he doesn’t believe growth has been equitable.
The businessman considers the family to be the basis of a prosperous society, which he plans to help through social programs.
On the other hand, Dr. Guerra would like to see greater transparency in the decision the city takes. He believes no one has challenged the mayor in the last five years.
Guerra hopes to improve the quality of life, regain trust in the police department for a safer city, and strengthen it by attracting new business.
Both opposing candidates promise to limit the mayor’s position to a maximum of two, four-year terms but according to Mayor Salinas, the people are who are asking him to keep on serving after witnessing the transformations his terms have brought.
Election day is May 10th, but citizens of Mission may begin to vote early starting on Monday April 28 through Tuesday, May 6th at city hall and at the Mission’s Boys and Girls Club. Remember only those registered and with a valid I.D. may vote.