26-year-old man discovered deceased his home in Laredo

A man found unconscious inside his home dies moments later under mysterious circumstances.

The Laredo Police Department is investigating the death. A 26-year-old man was found dead inside a residence on the intersection of Zaragoza and Evans Street.

According to reports, authorities received a 911 call at 5:51 in the morning, stating a man was unconscious. There was a male who was found unconscious on the floor the dispatcher gave CPR instructions to the caller and they were administered while first responders arrived. When Laredo Police arrived at the scene several officers noted a strong smell of marijuana inside the residence. After inspection, officers found several firearms and a large sum of money, confiscated them for evidence. They began an investigation, but regrettably the man later passed away as a result by his condition. That’s being investigated by the medical examiners office. For right now they are in the process of doing these two things and trying to get to the bottom as to what was transpired. Several neighbors around the area, who prefer to remain anonymous, stated the couple who lived in the residence moved in a month ago with their 4 children. The children or the parents have yet to be identified, but authorities stated Child Protection Services were contacted and are now investigating the family’s situation.

The Laredo Police Department is treating the case as an ongoing investigation, and will update the public once more information is available.

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