Today was the last hearing on the trial for the murder of a Valley teen  that happened two years ago.

Court room 370 in the Hidalgo County courthouse  stood silent as the jury  listened tentatively at the cross examination conducted by the lawyer of Francisco Javier Gonzalez, the male charged for the murder of 16-year-old, Jonathan Ramos in June of 2011

Ramos died from a hit and run accident when his mother’s ex boyfriend  used his red Dodge caravan to strike the teen from Palmview. The trial is now down to it’s last hearing as pathologists explain autopsy results.

Scrapes and cuts from Ramos’s body was displayed and the Ramos family looked on holding back their sorrows of this emotional trial.

The Ramos family says they just want justice served for the murder of their nephew that started out as an argument between the two males and ended as the death of one.

We tried speaking to the family of Francisco Gonzalez but they did not wish to comment at the time, FOX 2 NEWS will keep you updated on this case.