Several Mexican Outlets reporting two US citizens were shot by Mexican Armed Forces.

The shooting taking place this afternoon and the Border City of Reynosa Tamaulipas where couple was allegedly shot by Mexican Navy officials. This is the vehicle that several Mexican Outlets are reporting the MCALLEN couple was traveling in when they were accidentally shot at by Armed Forces

Reports indicating it was around 3 o’clock when confrontation between the officers and criminals was happening near Rosalinda Guerrero Avenue and where 39-year-old Alfredo Aleman and his wife, Alejandra Aleman were accidentally shot by Navy officials.

According to the reports, the couple said they were shot by a helicopter near that same area and which “El Manana” Newspaper staff reportedly have on video. They are also alleging that the couple was traveling from the City of MCALLEN to buy groceries when they were caught in the middle of the shooting.

We reached out to the City of McAllen and the US Consulate in Tamaulipas however neither of these agencies could confirm or deny any of these reports but are working in obtaining more information.