Due to its proximity to the border, Laredo’s roughly 250 thousand residents are used to seeing a variety of federal law enforcement vehicles patrolling the city.

However one vehicle driving around the area seemed off. Freddy Vela explains.

On Thursday at roughly 12:30 pm border patrol agents discovered a Chevy Tahoe with 12 undocumented immigrants inside.

The vehicle, however, was it was the vehicle that concerned authorities the most as it resembled a Border Patrol agents government issued vehicle with a decal number painted on the passenger side.

A Border Patrol agent noticed a suspicious looking government vehicle. He investigated further.

The agent followed the vehicle and coordinated with others assigned to the Cotulla station. It was near the 65 mile marker on I-35 where the officials stopped the vehicle. As they walked up to it, they noticed the individuals crammed inside, which resulted in the arrest of a Mexican national driver along with the 12 passengers inside the car.

It’s no secret that drug trafficking and human trafficking is intertwined.

“Smugglers have resorted to desperate measures to conduct their illicit business.”

This is also not the first time authorities have discovered cloned agency vehicles. In May of 2010, the Webb County Sheriff’s Office discovered a cloned unit loaded with more than 2000 pounds of marijuana.

Technology and money have made it easier for criminal organizations to clone school buses, such as this one loaded with marijuana, other border patrol cars.

Border Patrol authorities say they are investigating further into the case. They ask that the public report any suspicious activity to 1 (800) 343-1994