Ten-month-old Dylan was supposed to be released today and his future was to be determined in a child protection court hearing.
For almost two weeks now, baby Dylan has been suffering from the internal and external injuries he received by the hands of his mother’s boyfriend, who brutally beat him.
Although the man identified as 32-year-old Agustin Reyes is facing jail time for causing injury to the baby, as well as his mother who was also arrested for failing to report the crime, Dylan’ s father, David Villarreal was able to convince a judge to grant him custody of Dylan.
But today, a hearing at child protection court was postponed because the baby’s mother was not present. Villarreal says even though Dylan’s health was improving, he is now required to undergo brain surgery.
Villarreal just hopes Dylan’s health keeps improving and that he is one day able to hold his son in his arms again.
Villarreal’s hearing is scheduled for July 9th, of course, FOX 2 will keep you updated with the latest information regarding this case.
Reporting in the studio, Maricela De La Cruz, FOX 2 NEWS at 9pm.