Local police departments along with the department of public safety issued a warning to the community drinking and driving. 

Many are anticipating ringing in the new year with friends and family, and of course, the champagne, but authorities state that it is during this time of celebration that emergency calls are received at a greater volume.  

According to statistics, during the new year celebrations, the number of DUI’s in Texas increases by 71%.

Authorities are increasing the number of active patrol units that will be on the streets keeping a watchful eye in particular for drunk drivers.

“Every year we do see an increase and calls when it comes to reckless drivers, disturbances involving alcohol and so, of course, we’ll have our officers on the road regularly. They’ll be actively patrolling more into the reckless drivers on the road. DUI’s tend to increase during the holidays and so we have a zero-tolerance in the city of Edinburg when it comes to drinking and driving.”

Mothers against drunk driving state that new year’s eve is clouded by tragedy and that’s despite being a season for setting goals and resolutions the number of intoxicated drivers on the road. 

Edinburg resident says he encourages everyone to take the necessary precautions to avoid fatalities as he remembers our group of his friends were victims of a drunk driver.

“I know it’s new year’s eve, new year’s day and you may be out there drinking and everything. Just be responsible.  Call an Uber or a Lyft or have a designated driver. I have a few friends that got hit by a drunk driver two years ago. Luckily they were okay, but it could have been a lot worse. So just take precautions and be safe out there. Have a good time, but be safe.”

Local authorities added the importance of reporting anyone suspected of driving under the influence. If you’re planning on organizing a party, ensure your guests have a safe mode of transportation back home to avoid being held responsible in the event of an accident.