Today in court, witnesses testified to have received money in exchange for a vote.

A state judge heard the allegations from those claiming bribery during the Mission mayoral runoff elections in June, between current mission mayor, Armando Ocana and former mayor Norberto Salinas.

With 51 percent of the total 6,800 votes received, Ocana won the runoff election. According to Hidalgo’s election department, Ocana officially took incumbent Salinas’ seat, who had been Mission’s leader for 20 years.

In July, Salinas presented a lawsuit claiming Ocana’s campaign was filled with bribery and illicit activity to get votes.

Samuel Deckard testified he and his family were told to vote for Ocana in exchange for 10 dollars.

He adds the Ocana campaign had a white van that would transport all voters to the voting booths and would assist them.

However, Ocana’s lawyers claim there’s a conflict of interest with Deckard’s testimony because his father worked for Salinas’ campaign.

The defendants say Salinas’ team must prove that at least 157 votes were related to bribery so fraud can officially be claimed.

Ocana will be in court tomorrow for the first time since the start of this trial.