Mission, Texas — “We build the wall” is an organization dedicated to the construction of the border wall…They are currently working on a project in the city of Mission which has caused controversy among some activists.

I welcome all efforts to help secure the borders as long as they’re done in concert with the men and women of border patrol who are developing the operations.

These are the words of acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf after he was questioned about “We build the wall”, a private advocacy group that is dedicated to collect funds for the construction of the barrier between the U.S and Mexico borders.

Fox News reached out to Brian Kolfage, the founder of we build the wall, who spoke about this project having two phases. He added that they haven’t been able to obtain the permits needed by the international boundary and water commission.

In a letter sent out by the commission to this group, they are asking for the proper equipment to be used to ensure the construction of this barrier will not impact the environment and created floods.

Some activists fear that the national butterfly center could be affected by this construction, claiming the wall would put the center at greater risk of floods due to its location near the Rio grande.

Kolfage added that as of now they have completed the first phase of this project, which is clearing the land.