South Padre Island (KFXV) — Insults, one after the another, is what a family says they received after confronting a man, who they say, was harassing two women at the beach.
The family of Arab decent captured the moments where Downing kept making comments like “Trump is my president.” Tonight authorities say its incidents like these that sadden them while attempting to create a safe environment for residents and people who visit the island.
We walked down the beach where this incident occurred. There we found Michael Zamora. Zamora says he and his family visit the island every summer and are disappointed to hear these incident are taking place.
South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith has a message for those who like downing dare to disrupt public peace in town,
As for anyone who falls victim to aggressive attacks like these, the message is keep calm and report. .
Downing was charged with public intoxication, however authorities are asking you to call and report if like this family were also assaulted by this man, since further charges could be filed.