Valley View Coach Faces 22 Charges of Distributing Illicit Material

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Valley View (KFXV) — A track coach from Valley View ISD is accused of sharing a sexually explicit image with a group of students.

According to authorities, during their interview of 31-year-old Pablo Gonzalez, he admitted to sending the message, but affirmed he believed it to be a real news article.
The criminal complaint indicates that when the students clicked on the message, sent to a group chat of 27 students with 22 of them under the age of 18, a naked man appeared.
Gonzalez now faces 22 charges of distributing harmful material to a minor.

Valley View Coach Faces 22 Charges of Distributing Illicit Material

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  1. Man if it was a mistake which I assumed from the first article poor guy, that one mistake has officially ruined his career! Note to self open links before sending!!!!!!

    • Talk about messed up, a friend knows him personally and I believe him when he told me he didn’t do it on purpose.

  2. Why would a teacher be in a large group chat like that with that many students or students at all?

  3. Another example of how police and prosecutors abuse laws design for a different purpose.

    I got the same clip as a joke, and it’s supposed to catch people off guard by making it seem like a real breaking story.

    I’m sure high school “kids” have seen the clip with a different headline… it’s a common joke.


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