Mission, Texas — Two minors are among a group of four suspects who were arrested for allegedly robbing two different businesses earlier this week.

Two Minors Arrested for Allegedly Robbing Several Businesses 1

According to the hidalgo county sheriff office’s, the suspects 18-year-old Felix Vasques jr and 17-year-old Rafael Polanco alongside two 16-year-old males were arraigned on two charges of aggravated robbery.

One of the suspects was armed and walked into the kitchen at Chito’s drive-thru where Kimberly was working and demanded money.

“I couldn’t breath like they wanted to call the ambulance but I told them no cause I was like trying to control myself but I was shaking like of how scared I was cause I mean a gun pointing at you it’s pretty scary.”

Kimberly said her coworker, who despite his disabilities, tried to defend her by fighting off one of the suspects.

“He tried to like I guess scare him off with the gun, but I told him he couldn’t speak or listen and he just told me not to worry, He wasn’t going to do anything and he just asked me for the money.”

According to authorities, the four individuals also robbed another business, El Coyote Express Drive-thru. Both establishments belong to the same owners.
The store owner said… “The suspects got away with at least 200 dollars in cash.”