Edinburg (KFXV) — The man accused of killing a man and injuring six with gunfire at a gentlemen’s club makes an appearance in court today.
The defense attorney requested a new pre-trial date as they await results of firearms analysis.
Genaro Maldonado Martinez was back in court this morning.
Both the defense and prosecutors asked the district court judge for another pre-trial date.
Part of the evidence, the analysis of two guns is still pending.
The judge granted their request allowing two weeks before they meet to determine the status of the firearms report.
30-year-old Maldonado is accused of shooting several people at a gentlemen’s located in Edinburg on highway 107 last April. He was allegedly kicked out of the establishment then returned and began firing into the club causing one death and injured six more.
Maldonado faces one murder charge, one count of attempt to commit capital murder charge, along with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm and seven counts of attempted murder.
If convicted, he could face life in prison.

Maldonado will be back in court on February 28, count on us to provide you with the latest information.