Tony Romo Got a Meager $64.11 Performance Bonus from the Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Got a Meager $64.11 Performance Bonus from the Dallas Cowboys

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TONY ROMO struggled with injuries again last year . . . and because of that, and the emergence of DAK PRESCOTT . . . he only ended up playing ONE series for the Dallas Cowboys.

But he still qualified for a performance bonus . . . and it was $64.11.  (???)

Since 2011, NFL teams are allotted a “performance based pool” of money, which can be distributed based on two factors:  How much the players are already earning in salary, and how much they played.

The formula roughly boils down to the percentage of snaps played . . . divided by salary.  So, the biggest bonuses go to players who didn’t earn much, but played a ton . . . exactly the type of players who deserve more.

Romo wouldn’t be one of them.  He made over $20 million last year . . . but only briefly got onto the field in the last game of the season.

By comparison, Prescott got a bonus of $354,544.57.  His base salary was $450,000, and he played in 67.49% of the snaps last season.

The bonus formula doesn’t ALWAYS make sense though.  Reggie Bush finished with a negative rushing yardage total for the season . . . but still took home an extra $14,615.83 for his efforts.  He also made $1 million in salary with the Bills.

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