Thousands of prisoners have been evacuated from several jails, this as water levels continue rising in different parts of the state.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice reports nearly 6,000 offenders have been evacuated and placed in different parts of the state, since Saturday. The evacuation comes as the Brazos River continues rising to historic levels. Officials from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice tells Fox News, some offenders are being transferred to facilities in South Texas. This woman, who wished to remain anonymous tells me, her son is an inmate at Beamount Medium Federal Prison. She last heard from him, a couple of days ago and is now worried he was also transferred without notification. No official information has been provided on evacuations being made at that location. Their worries only growing bigger, after seeing a Facebook post allegedly describing 2005 Hurricane Rita at that same prison. Officials tell us they will continue monitoring tropical Storm Harvey as it makes its way across Texas to make the necessary arrangements, if needed.

For more information, families may call the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at (936)437-4927 or 1-844-476-1289.