Laredo — A former Border Patrol Agent labeled a serial killer had a pre-trial hearing. Today he faced the person responsible for putting him behind bars.

Erica Pena, the victim who escaped Juan David Ortiz’s arms testified in court. She said she was nervous but then provided details about her relationship with the defendant.

Pena spoke about her drug addiction and her relationship with the defendant who she says she knew as David. She then testified that their encounters took place at a hotel, his truck, and his home. Ortiz would call her his favorite. She also testified that he would take her to buy drugs.

Ortiz’s attorney says he’s not worried about her testimony.

“I think any lawyer, whether your a prosecutor or defense attorney if you have the choice of having a witness that has a criminal history, or continued drug use. You’d rather not have that, but those are the facts of this case right now”

Joel Perez – Attorney for Juan David Ortiz

Pena testified that she had known him for about 5 months and that her relationship with him grew into a friendship.

More witnesses are set to take the stand including the investigator in charge of this case.

We will keep you updated as the trial begins.