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Robbery suspects caught after getaway car runs out of gas

Willacy County (KFXV) – 3 young adults are arrested after trying to rob an 8-liner business. It happened Tuesday during the early morning hours around 2 a.m. The suspects were attacked by security guards after trying to commit a robbery one of the suspects was shot in the arm by one of the guards. When they attempted to escape the scene of the crime they ran out of gas on Expressway 77. Cameron County Sheriff’s Department officers stopped the offenders when they noticed one of them was bleeding from his arm. They have been charged with aggravated robbery and...

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Local Organization offering Safer Options for Young Adults

MCALLEN (KFXV) — Only on Fox 2 News. One local organization is trying to make one popular area in McAllen a safer place by providing resources to young adults. This comes as an effort to decrease the number of sexual assault cases in the valley. The ‘Advocacy For Everyone‘ group is hoping to bring drink test kits like this one, to teens and young adults who frequent nightclubs who might be vulnerable to their drinks being altered. The drink testers designed to verify what’s in your glass, is a new resource the organization started working on to minimize the...

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Apple urges organ donation via new iPhone software

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple wants to encourage millions of iPhone owners to register as organ donors through a software update that will add an easy sign-up button to the health information app that comes installed on every smartphone the company makes. CEO Tim Cook says he hopes the new software, set for limited release this month, will help ease a critical and longstanding donor shortage. He said the problem hit home when his friend and former boss, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, endured an “excruciating” wait for a liver transplant in 2009. “Watching and seeing him every day, waiting...

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Underage Drinking Linked to 189,000 Emergency Room Visits

Underage drinking continues to be a major issue in the United States that affects thousands of teens and young adults. The average age of initial drinking is 12.5 years old. Alcohol is linked to approximately 189,000 visits to the emergency room by people under the age of 21. Excessive drinking kills more than 4,300 underage youth, a year. Police say underage drinking is a constant problem among teens and young adults. That could lead to trouble with the law. “It’s the misconception that you have to be drinking to have fun… Someone between 17-21 can be arrested. If they...

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HIV Cases Increasing in Rio Grande Valley Despite National Decline

HIV cases in the valley continue to climb especially among young adults and the elderly population. The latest numbers are concerning for the only HIV AIDS support organization in the valley. Lucy Trainor is celebrating her 47th birthday. 19 years ago she was infected with HIV and she’s still kicking.  Her tattoos are a reminder of the day she was diagnosed with the virus. Devastating news that had her thinking of death. “If I make it through the first 24 hours without killing myself then I’ll do everything possible to make myself better” — Lucy Trainor She says she...

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