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MISSING: 20-Year-Old Jennifer Astrid Herrera

ALTON (KFXV) — Police need your help finding a missing 20-year-old woman. Jennifer Astrid Herrera has been missing since Saturday, and last seen around Alton park near the San Martin De Pores Church around six in the afternoon. Her family reported her missing Sunday. They tell FOX News that she most likely had on “workout clothing.” Jennifer is described as special needs, around five foot, three, 130 pounds, with hazel eyes and short black hair. If you have any information about her whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Alton Police Department at (956)...

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Sitting too long? Take a brisk, hour-long walk to reverse the damage

LONDON (AP) — If you spend all day sitting, then you might want to schedule some time for a brisk walk – just make sure you can spare at least an hour. Scientists analyzing data from more than 1 million people found that it takes about 60 to 75 minutes of “moderate intensity” exercise to undo the damage of sitting for at least eight hours a day. Not exercising and sitting all day is as dangerous as being obese or smoking, they found. And the added risk of parking yourself in front of a television for 5 hours or...

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Hang Ten while Burning Fat and Calories with Surfset Fitness

It’s taken over Dallas, Austin and Houston… now this new fitness craze has hit the Valley. It allows you to tone your arms, abs and legs all while hanging loose. It’s like surfing…on land… It’s called Surfset Fitness and it’s a total body workout combining cardio with strength and balance training. Contempo Fitness Studio owner Ximena Wilson heard about the craze, and knew she had to bring it to the valley. “You’re going to be surprised of muscles that you didn’t think you had.” Those muscles are definitely put to the test. In each 45 minute class you can...

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