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Two Valley Doctors Trained in FDA Approved Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

There are more than 78.6 million obese adults in the United States, and with McAllen ranking as one of America’s fattest cities, many of those individuals live in south Texas. But a new weight loss system, combining a non-invasive procedure with a strict nutritional plan, could decrease those statistics. “It is hard to be obese in this society.” Doctor Luis Reyes is one of only two surgeons in south Texas–and among the first in the United States–to offer a newly FDA approved non-surgical weight loss procedure… It’s called the Orbera intragastric balloon. “It’s a single balloon that is placed...

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Study: Teen obesity surgery benefits last at least 3 years

In this Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 photo, Miranda Taylor, 20, poses outside Christ College of Nursing and Health Science in Cincinnati. The nursing student had obesity surgery when she was 16 and weighed 265 pounds. “I feel awesome. It’s like a new life,” she says. Taylor lost more than 100 pounds, along with severe depression, pre-diabetes and an obesity-related hormonal condition. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) The largest, longest study of teen obesity surgery shows huge weight loss and health gains can last at least three years, and many say it’s worth the risks. “I feel awesome. It’s like a new...

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Get your Running Shoes on to Improve your Cardiovascular Health

If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health and better manage your blood sugar, an intense workout is your prescribed medication. New research from the journal of internal medicine finds that while both low and high intensity workouts provide weight loss benefits, higher intensity exercise improves glucose levels. Canadian researchers studied 300 abdominally obese individuals. For 6 months patients walked 5 times a week. Some did shorter more intense workouts while others had low intensity exercise. Both groups burned the same amount of calories and had similar reductions in waist circumference but the higher intensity group saw improved glucose...

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A New Beginning: Battle With Obesity

Delia Ruiz, a woman who took her obesity into her own hands and with the help of surgery, changed her life for the healthier. Wife and mother Delia Ruiz struggled with obesity since childhood, at her heaviest weighing three-hundred and twenty-four pounds. “I stopped loving myself I stopped thinking that it was okay that I could gain the weight and it was no problem. I was just so comfortable,” says Delia Ruiz, post bariatric plastic surgery patient. In December 2010, Delia made the decision to have a bariatric surgery known as the gastric sleeve to help lose the weight, something her mother, who passed away three years ago, always wanted for her. ” She said Delia, I don’t want you to get sick, look at me the diabetes and I believe that you should not eat as much she would always tell me, I’m going to die, many times, I’m going to die and I’ll never see you thin. And I would get so angry, because it’s like I didn’t want to hear that,” explains Ruiz Delia lost 80 pounds with the gastric sleeve procedure, but knew she had to do more. “I just needed to do my part which was that I needed to understand that it was a tool that was given to me by me,” adds Ruiz. With the help of doctors, she stuck to a...

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