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5 places to visit in November

Image License Cropped Photo: Pixabay 17 NOV 17 13:33 ET By Kate Mackay, CNN (CNN) — Many people stay put most of November in anticipation of the money and time they’ll spend on the impending Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas holidays. But you may want to rethink that idea. Because it’s off or “shoulder” season for numerous¬†destinations, there are plenty of deals to be had and discounted flight and hotel rates to enjoy. Also, the Southern Hemisphere is starting to warm up in November, as it enters late spring, while the Northern Hemisphere is cooling off both in temperature and...

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Fox News Special Report: First Lady Laura Bush visits PSJA Elementary to kick off program

  First Lady Laura Bush visited Geraldine Palmer Elementary in Pharr to celebrate her “Texans by Nature” program teaming up with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Learning Landscape Collaborative and naming them a Conservation Wrangler. “Television, I-pad, or I-phone, see our parents when we were little said, go outside and play and that’s what were hoping your parents would do to you too,” said The First Lady to students.¬†“It’s in our nature to practice good stewardship of our precious wildlife and natural resources, our relationship with the outdoors is a integral part of what it means to be a...

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