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State employment offices hosting events to offer displaced workers employment

Strong floods resulting from Hurricane Harvey forcing companies to close their doors in affected areas, leaving many business owners and employees without their economic means. State employment offices hosting events once a week to offer workers different employment options. Workforce Solutions coordinator, Miguel Gonzalez tells us the first step you need to take when applying for a job under these circumstances. The recruitment center will continue offering their services for anyone looking for employment at any of their...

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Brownsville Kmart Employees Expected to Lose Jobs after Store Closings

Brownsville – Attention Kmart shoppers, your Brownsville store will soon be closing its doors. According Kmart’s webpage, the national chain announced it was closing several stores around the country including the one located in the city of Brownsville. Local employees are saying that it could happen the second week of august. At the moment, the Cameron County unemployment office has not yet released the number of people who will be losing their jobs due to the store’s...

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TWC Accepting Disaster Unemployment Assistance Applications

Texas Workforce Commission is now accepting applications for disaster unemployment assistance as a result of the presidential disaster declaration. The aid is for workers in Hidalgo and Willacy Counties who have lost their jobs or those who are unable to work due to damage sustained from severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding from October 22 to October 31. You can apply for assistance Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling 800- 939- 6631. The deadline to apply is January...

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Gas Prices Lowest Since 2004

Though gas is just a little over two dollars per gallon–it is beginning to benefit resident’s pockets. However, falling oil prices has caused cut backs in thousands of refinery jobs. For Fermin Muñoz low gas prices represents more than 100% savings of his monthly expenses on fuel. But why gas is so cheap? Crude accounts for about half the cost of a gallon of gas oil is trading now at under $46 a barrel. Last summer, oil was at $100 a barrel. Repercussion on the refinery labor industry “We did see this year, a big drop from the numbers...

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Latest Texas Unemployment Numbers Breaking Records

The latest unemployment numbers for Texas are out and according to the Texas Workforce Commission, they’re breaking records… But do the numbers accurately reflect the current economic status of the valley? These numbers released by the governor’s office through the workforce commission do paint a positive picture, even for the valley, however we still lag behind the rest of the state. The December unemployment figures are out and Texas seems to be in good shape. The news was shared after Governor Greg Abbott’s visit to Edinburg Thursday where he applauded the state’s many accomplishments but also gave a reality check. The Texas Workforce Commission report shows the state’s unemployment drop from 6.0 this time last year to 4.6. However in Cameron County, it dropped from 9.4 to 7.2 in a year while Hidalgo County saw a drop from 10.4 to 7.8. The Edinburg mayor is still proud of the numbers, considering his city is growing at a fast rate. These latest unemployment numbers are at their lowest since May of...

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