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Ivanka Trump signals flexibility on paid parental leave

BY MATT O’BRIEN AND CATHERINE LUCEY PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A proposal for paid parental leave championed by Ivanka Trump could go back to the drawing board. Two weeks after the plan was outlined in President Donald Trump’s budget proposal, his daughter and adviser signaled she is open to other strategies for providing the benefit for new parents. Ivanka Trump met this week with a bipartisan group of scholars pitching a different paid-leave approach. “She said that was just a placeholder or a stake in the ground and they’re open to other ideas,” said Isabel Sawhill, a scholar at...

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Thousands of Valley Residents Cut off from Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits expired on Saturday for those receiving assistance for more than 6 months. Initially used to absorb the impact of the recession on citizens, this termination comes after a bipartisan budget deal in congress to avoid another government shutdown. According to Workforce Solutions in Edinburg, about 5-thousand stand to be affected across the Valley, but they say there is hope. Bridget Bickerstaff is taking advantage of that help, she is currently receiving unemployment benefits, but is also in constant search for a job and developing skills. Her family depends on it. Like Bridget, around 66-thousand Texans will be...

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Federal Unemployment Benefits to Expire Saturday

Federal unemployment benefits end tomorrow for 1.3-million jobless Americans– more than 60,000 of those are in Texas. The checks will stop coming after a program signed into law back in 2008 expires Saturday. An additional 850,000 workers will also lose state unemployment benefits over the next three months. Congress extended or expanded the federal aid to the long-term jobless 11 times, but an extra lifeline wasn’t included in the latest budget deal. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed a short-term extension for three months. That will make it to the floor of the Senate — but not until...

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