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Former Narcotics Investigator Sentenced to 7 Years in Jail

A former Starr County HIDTA investigator is sentenced to 7 years in jail for drug trafficking. 29-year-old Noel Peña appeared in federal court this morning after pleading guilty to the charges in July. Peña, who worked in the narcotics division, along with 21-year-old Hector Salinas, was arrested in April 2015 after an undercover investigation in which both men were allegedly caught falsifying reports and keeping narcotics seized during drug busts. Salinas is sentenced to 5 years in...

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Authorities Raid Palmview Flea Market, Confiscate Pirated Goods

In tonight’s top story, after hours of undercover investigation authorities raid a Palmview flea market. As piracy continues to be an issue in the area, Maricela de la Cruz explains what happened. Four people are behind bars tonight as a result of this raid as well as the seizure of dozens of counterfeit products. The raid happened at approximately 11 am at a Palmview flea market. “The recording industry had been holding an investigation for some time and asked us for assistance.” Sergeant Sepulveda tells FOX 2 news the process of replicating counterfeit merchandise has advanced… and the charges...

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Four Arrested in Prostitution Ring Bust

Brownsville(KFXV) – Anundercover investigation into a prostitution ring leads to the arrest of four men. 36-year-old Javier Gaona is charged with ‘compelling prostitution’ after authorities found he rented a motel room for a 16 year old girl, where he prostituted her, and had her sell drugs. Three other men, identified as Ervin Martinez, Eduardo Ramirez and Eduardo Padron were also arrested for their involvement in the prostitution-narcotics scheme. They were charged with sexual assault of a child. Additional arrests are...

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