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Icy Road Driving Tips

Knowing exactly what to do with your vehicle during this weather is important to know for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Before heading out on to those icy roads there are tips you may want to take into consideration. Black ice is a thin layer of ice on roads that may resemble ice, which can confuse a driver on the road. When on the road always watch out for black ice. Cris Auto Service also gave us some tips for when you see ice on your vehicle. They say this is the easiest...

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Autopsy Reports Released In Biker-Police Shootout Near Waco, TX

Today we got our first look at how those nine people died in the biker-involved shooting near waco, texas in may. Autopsies on the victims were released earlier today and may provide some clues about just how things unfolded. Multiple gunshot wounds, abrasions; hemorrhages. All detailed in autopsy reports released today. And while the reports don’t give any clear answers about who shot each of the nine victims, the reports give us the best picture yet of how the shootout unfolded. A ballistic expert tells us one telling sign is that there’s no gun residue on any victim. He...

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