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Brownsville Trial Begins for Gang-Related Murder

BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — After almost two years, a trial against Jorge Alberto Guajardo, who’s accused of taking part in a gang related murder that ended the life of a Brownsville teen, begins. After several hours, the jury heard testimonies from witnesses involved in the incident. Testimonies begin Tuesday in the trial of Jorge Alberto Guajardo, who is accused as the driver in the shooting death of a Javier Olmedo, a Brownsville teen, nearly two years ago. One of the first witnesses was 18-year-old, Angel Martinez, who explained how he was was in company of those involved a few hours...

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Murder Trial Resumes in teen death

EDINBURG (KFXV) — Today a murder case returned to the Hidalgo County Courthouse. 24 -year-old, Jorge Guajardo, is accused of the murder of a teenager and three other charges of attempted murder after what police believe was a drive by shooting between rival gangs. Guajardo was traveling with another man identified as a member of the Tri-City Bombers, who pleaded guilty to the shooting and is currently serving a 35 year sentence. Guajardo however did not accept the plea deal arguing he participated in the incident against his own will. Guajardo fought for a trial. The jury selection on...

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19 Tri-City Bombers Charged

TEXAS (KFXV) — 19 members of the Tri-City Bomber gang are facing a slew of charges including the illegal use of firearms that investigators say caused the death of one man. Fox cameras were present as FBI agents along with other officers conducted one of several raids here in the valley in connection to this case, in the city of San Juan. 25 suspects were indicted but only 19 are facing charges that range from theft, money laundering and the illegal use of a firearm and they are all from the...

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Eight Month Long Investigation Lands Woman Behind Bars

An eight-month long investigation lands a woman behind bars tonight. The initial arson investigation that started in late April lead authorities to uncover the original scheme the suspects intended to commit since the beginning. Eight months after several tri-city bombers set ‘bravo medical center’ on fire, a woman who played a role in the crime faced several charges today, including arson, theft, and engaging in organized criminal activity totaling a $100,000 bond. Cristina Vega, was arraigned today at the Edinburg Municipal Court, after taking part in a heist where those involved took home nearly half-a-million dollars in cash from a local clinic. Vega is said to be a member of a group known as ‘the Wrecking Crew’. According to the complaint, she and three others each took about $98,000, and then hired someone to set the clinic on fire in an effort to cover up the crime. Vega remains at the Hidalgo County Jail, at this moment, Edinburg authorities are still looking to arrest other possible suspects who took part in the theft and...

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Man Pleads Guilty In 2010 Murder

On June 27, 2010, 43 year old Roel Cantu of Edinburg was charged with capital murder for taking part in the killing of 28 year old Reyes Garcia. Cantu was among a group of armed men that stormed into Garcia’s home on Kirk Street in Mission. The botched home invasion was caught on tape. Criminal reports indicate the victim was shot to death in his living room while his wife and four children hid in a bedroom. Since the attack on June 23, 2010 several individuals were arrested and are currently serving time for Garcia’s slaying. Days after the deadly shooting, mission police arrested Vanessa Garcia Arjona, for ordering the execution of her husband in the hands of a squad of gang members who masked the attack as a home invasion. The 31 year old pled guilty last month to a lesser count of murder. Rather than go to trial, she took a plea deal with a 20 year sentence. Vanessa had the help of her sister, Graciela Arjona to plan the deadly attack. Both hired the group of gunmen to kill Garcia. Graciela Arjona is currently serving a life sentence for her brother in law’s murder. Other gang members who have since pleaded guilty or been tried are. Ezequiel Angel Falcon who pled guilty to murder on march 2013 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ricardo...

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