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Facebook delivers the scoop on how it delivers the news amid bias accusations

The social media giant on Thursday pulled back the curtain on how its Trending Topics feature works, a reaction to a report in the tech blog Gizmodo that claimed Facebook downplays conservative news subjects. Facebook denies that report, which relied upon a single anonymous individual with self-described conservative leanings. In its own blog post , the company said a series of checks and balances — involving both software formulas and humans — ensures that stories displayed in the “trending topics” section aren’t biased. The post linked to a 28-page internal document Facebook uses to determine trending topics, after the...

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Trending Topics

A 19-year-old has been arrested and his computer equipment has been seized by Canadian police after he exploited the heartbleed bug vulnerability to steal confidential information from the country’s tax collection agency. Authorities say Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes, a computer science student, was arrested at his home in London, Ontario, and charged with one count of mischief in relation to data. Solis-Reyes is accused of exploiting the heartbleed vulnerability to steal sensitive information, such as social security numbers, from servers of the Canada revenue agency, which is that country’s equivalent of the U.S. Internal revenue service. Today marks the 50th anniversary of one of the world’s best-known sports cars. Ford’s mustang was introduced on April 17th, 1964 at the attractive price of only $2,400. The company originally hoped for annual sales of $100,000 cars, but on the first day alone $22,000 were ordered. Within two years, sales hit the coveted one million mark. It has remained one of ford’s most popular models, i personally used to own one, but unfortunately wrecked it a couple of years...

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