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Top Ten Texas Fugitive Caught

TEXAS (KFXV) — After two years on the run, authorities put one of Texas’s most wanted fugitives behind bars. Police caught Agapito Salinas, wanted out of Cameron County for parole violation, in Alma, Georgia by the U.S. Marshals office’s Fugitive Task Force. Salinas, is known to be a Texas Syndicate gang member, according to the Texas DPS and has served multiple sentences in...

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Brownsville Man on Texas Most Wanted List

TEXAS (KFXV) — Authorities needs your help locating a Brownsville man, and confirmed member of the Texas Syndicate Gang, who is now on the Texas Top 10 Most Wanted List. Agapito Salinas, is wanted for parole violation since April of 2015. He has ties to his last known address in Brownsville, and in the state of Georgia. Salinas also goes by the name “Pito,” and served multiple sentences for aggravated robbery, and for drug and burglary convictions. He is described as five feet, nine inches, approximately 185 pounds, with teardrop tattoos on both his cheeks, a tattoo of a...

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Texas Syndicate Gang Member Arrested for Shooting Man in Face

A Texas Syndicate gang member accused of shooting a man in the face has been arrested. Police say an anonymous tip led them to a Brownsville neighborhood where they located 30-year-old Antonio Martin Ayala, identified as the prime suspect in shooting of an alleged Vallucos gang member. “As the agents approached him and tried to identify him he ran on foot, there was a short pursuit and was taken into custody.” Police add that the shooting was not an act of retaliation, but is believed to be related to a love...

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Man Shot in Face by Texas Syndicate Gang Member, Shooter at Large

Investigations continue after a man in the city of Primera is shot in the face this weekend. Police say the man responsible is 30-year-old Antonio Martín Ayala, a member of the ‘Texas Syndicate’ gang. The victim has not been identified but we do know he remains at a San Antonio hospital in critical condition, after being found inside his truck in a pool of blood. A 12 gauge shotgun was recovered at the scene. If you have any information about the shooting, or know the whereabouts of Ayala, call crime stoppers at (956)...

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New Details Emerge On La Joya Shooter

La Joya chief police chief Geovani Hernandez says officers involved in Tuesdays shooting are lucky to be alive after a gun fire that left 2 officers injured and a suspect dead. Residents in this La Joya neighborhood, near Leo Avenue and 9th street lived what they call “hours of terror” after dozens of law enforcement officers surrounded a housing unit and were ready to fire their weapons as 29 year old Joaquin Cibrian, a fugitive wanted on capital murder charges, barricaded himself inside an apartment and wouldn’t surrender. The suspect fired multiple times with no regard for human life injuring two police officers. “They are lucky to be alive the officers excited the vehicle the exact moment that the shooter opened fire I’m my 12 years in the police force I have never seen anything like this,” explains Geovani Hernandez, La Joya police chief. Police say at least 500 rounds were fired during the standoff. The suspect was identified as a member of the Texas Syndicate prison gang and was not a valley resident. In fact, he had been living in different cities in the last weeks and he was apparently visiting friends in south Texas. La Joya mayor Fito Salinas says he was surprised by the incident since gang activity is not common in his city. “You can go see houses and see the walls we don’t have...

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