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Sen. John Cornyn Visits Rio Grande Valley

RGV (KFXV) — Today, U.S. Senator John Cornyn led a congressional delegation to tour the Rio Grande Valley– in an effort to experience first-hand the issues affecting our communities. This *just weeks* after the new secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, came to the valley. Five lawmakers led by U.S. Senator, John Cornyn made their way to the Rio Grande Valley to learn about different issues that affect this region in particular. Republican Senator John Cornyn refers to his decision to bring out-of-state officials to see– and listen– first-hand about concerns regarding border security, economic development and trade taking...

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Human Trafficking’s $6.6 Billion Impact

Texas (KFXV) — Hundreds of thousands of victims of human trafficking– ranging from labor to sex trafficking are revealed by a new study by the University of Texas at Austin. It’s a worldwide business affecting more than half-a-million people in texas, including children. The most common crimes are sex, labor and human trafficking. A common technique in the Rio Grande Valley are immigrant stash houses. The most common form of trafficking in the U.S. Is prostitution… Like the most recent case in Houston, where a mentally-disabled woman was transported by her pimp, to perform sex acts during the superbowl...

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Undocumented Immigrants Found During Tire Shop Sting

Edinburg (KFXV) — Authorities respond to a tire shop with reports of it being a stash house. The incident took place on Monte Cristo Rd and Skinner Rd. According to witnesses on the scene, at least eight people believed to be immigrants were taken out of the business. Two Border Patrol vans were needed for this operation. Police confiscated three pickup trucks from Romo Muffler and Tire Service during the sting. The place was temporarily shut...

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Mother’s Recounts Tale of Daughter’s Injury While Crossing Border

RGV (KFXV) — We begin tonight with a local story that’s gone international. A mother’s testimony reveal the story of her 4 year old daughter being shot while trying to to cross the border to the united states for a chance at a better life. The girl was rescued and cared for here in the Rio Grande Valley. Now her story is being heard around the world in hope that what happened to her won’t happen to anyone else with the same dream. In tears and remembering the still very vivid images of that day this immigrant mother from...

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