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Human Trafficking’s $6.6 Billion Impact

Texas (KFXV) — Hundreds of thousands of victims of human trafficking– ranging from labor to sex trafficking are revealed by a new study by the University of Texas at Austin. It’s a worldwide business affecting more than half-a-million people in texas, including children. The most common crimes are sex, labor and human trafficking. A common technique in the Rio Grande Valley are immigrant stash houses. The most common form of trafficking in the U.S. Is prostitution… Like the most recent case in Houston, where a mentally-disabled woman was transported by her pimp, to perform sex acts during the superbowl...

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30 Undocumented Immigrants Rescued From Stash House

In San Juan, more than 30 immigrants are rescued in an alleged stash house. According to officials, the conditions inside the house located at 114 Easy Road, were unsanitary. Border Patrol has not revealed how long the immigrants had been in that location, or their nationalities. You may report suspicious activity by calling Border Patrol at...

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Undocumented Immigrants Found in Stash House, taken into Custody

Edinburg – Several immigrants were rescued from a stash house today. According to border patrol the call came in after suspicious activity near the area. An undetermined number of immigrants were rescued from the house and one suspect believed to be the smuggler was taken into custody. Some of the immigrants tried to run from the scene however they were detained moments later.. A nearby school went on...

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Human Smuggling Stash House with Santa Muerte Shrine Raided in Edinburg

Edinburg –  Santa Muerte relics were found by border patrol agents after raiding a human Stash House in Edinburg yesterday. Officials say they were alerted to the home located on the 700 block of McCullough Road. 37 undocumented immigrants from Honduras and Mexico for the team along with a US citizen believed to be keeping them. After sweeping the area investigators found something where they were holy relics of which are commonly associated with the drug trafficking culture. Border patrol encourages the public to report suspicious activity by calling a...

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Edinburg Stash House Suspects Face Judge

Three men are now behind bars after police raided a stash house in the city of Edinburg Friday. 26-year-old victor Manuel Cruz from Matamoros, 25-year-old Eldon Lee Flores and 34-year-old Noe Hernandez were arraigned over the weekend with drug and weapons charges. This, after the Edinburg VICE Unit seized an undisclosed amount of marijuana and over $50,000 in cash from a home on the 6000 block of Soledad...

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