USDA: SNAP Recipients can now purchase Hot Foods

The USDA announces effective immediately retail food stores or restaurants can accept SNAP or food stamps.SNAP, the supplemental nutrition assistance program, is the program formerly known as food stamps. These special rules are in effect through Sept. 30. When hot foods are purchased with snap benefits through Sept. 30, the purchases will not be subject to sales tax. The USDA encourages all SNAP authorized retail food stores in Texas to post a special notice in the store letting snap customers know that they can use their benefits to purchase hot...

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Congressman Proposed Using SNAP Funds to Build Border Wall

MCALLEN (KFXV) — Earning 380 dollars every two weeks, Annette Rodriguez feels uncertain knowing that her main food source, the SNAP program, could be taken away. Thanks to SNAP she’s been able to provide a meal for her family for 21 years, Rodriguez along with her sister and mom are part of the 40 million people in the country that benefit from this type of help. But with the recent statement made by Iowa Republican Steve King, his plan would take away billions of dollars from food stamps to fund the border wall. Rodriguez, along with the 3 million...

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