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One Hospitalized after San Juan shooting incident

San Juan (KFXV) – One man remains hospitalized after being shot early Monday. So far, no arrests have been made. These are the exclusive images of the incident that happened in monday morning. Police tell Fox news that a San Juan resident shot another man who had a previous relationship with his daughter. The ex-boyfriend was allegedly threatening and harassing the family resulting in the shooting. Authorities say the man you say shotgun in the suspect, impacting him and his lower extremities. The injuries are serious and the man remains hospitalized. It’s still unknown whether anyone will be facing...

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San Juan Teen Charged After Allegedly Using Shotgun to Commit Robberies

The suspect accused of robbing several people in San Juan and McAllen yesterday morning with a shotgun is identified. 17-year-old Christian Anguiano faces a charge for aggravated robbery. According to police the suspect was carrying a shot gun when he robbed a city employee that was mowing the lawn at the San Juan memorial library. He then went on to the parking lot of la plaza mall where he allegedly robbed a second person and attempted to rob a third one without success. Anguinao’s bond is set at...

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Teen Accused of Using Shotgun to Rob City Employee, Mall Shoppers

San Juan(KFXV) – Police arrest a 17 year old in connection to a series of aggravated robberies that were carried out this morning in San Juan and McAllen. Authorities say the individual, whose identity has not been revealed, used a shotgun to rob a city employee who was mowing the lawn at San Juan memorial library, and later two other people in the plaza mall parking lot. “McAllen and San Juan we were able to work together, and this investigation is being worked on jointly and I think that ended in a good arrest.” Authorities have recovered some of the...

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Gunshots Fired at UTRGV Fraternity Initiation

In Alton, police respond to shots fired at a ranch overnight, finding 54 UTRGV students, who claim to be part of a Kappa Sigma fraternity initiation. Police say at least three shots were fired as they arrived on scene on the 1400 block of North Glasscock Road. They entered the property and found a shotgun, two rifles and ammunition. Authorities tell us four of the 54 students admitted to firing weapons. UTRGV officials say the fraternity’s activities are suspended until the investigation into this case is wrapped...

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Man Shot in Face by Texas Syndicate Gang Member, Shooter at Large

Investigations continue after a man in the city of Primera is shot in the face this weekend. Police say the man responsible is 30-year-old Antonio Martín Ayala, a member of the ‘Texas Syndicate’ gang. The victim has not been identified but we do know he remains at a San Antonio hospital in critical condition, after being found inside his truck in a pool of blood. A 12 gauge shotgun was recovered at the scene. If you have any information about the shooting, or know the whereabouts of Ayala, call crime stoppers at (956)...

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