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Former Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Soliciting Sexual Favors Faces Judge

A former Sheriff’s Deputy stood before a judge today after being accused of soliciting sexual favors from an inmate. Michael Lee Gonzalez Serrano is facing charges for bribery and official oppression, this after he was accused of soliciting a female inmate for sexual favors. Gonzalez-Serrano’s lawyer requested additional time to prepare for the upcoming trial on May...

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Former Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Aiding Inmates in Exchange for Sexual Favors

A former sheriff’s deputy accused of soliciting sexual favors from an inmate is arraigned in state court today. Michael lee Gonzalez Serrano faced Judge Aida Salinas following a two-count indictment by a Grand Jury for bribery and official oppression charges. Gonzalez-Serrano is accused of helping a female prisoner with her bail bond in exchange for sexual favors. Gonzalez Serrano pled ‘not guilty’. His bond has been set at $60,000. Trial is scheduled for April...

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Former Starr Co. Probation Officer Faces More than 55 Corruption Charges

In Starr County, a probation officer faces 58 counts of corruption. The Starr County D.A. tells FOX 2 NEWS, that Joseph Romeo Ozuna worked with the probation office for six years. The charges against him include stealing money from people on probation, forging the signature of the 229th state district court judge and soliciting sexual favors. Ozuna was being held at the county jail on corruption, theft, forgery and sexual assault...

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