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Nit Picking: Teen With Autism Withdrawn From School For Head Lice

Lice may be gross but they’re pretty harmless, unless they’re left untreated. Constant itching and scratching can lead to head sores, and bacterial infections. Basic lice infestations can be cleared up within a few days, even hours. But severe cases can take much longer. 14-year-old Marissa Hensley has been struggling with lice for the past year and a half. Marissa has autism and is intellectually disabled. Her mother, Resa says she didn’t know about the lice until she picked up on her daughter’s non-verbal cues. “I would spend 8-10 hours a day picking her hair, and it just seemed...

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Nit Picking: ‘Super’ Lice Cases Spike as Parasite Becomes Resistant to Drugs

If regular lice weren’t enough, there’s a new strand of the parasites, which are harder to get rid of. They’re called ‘super lice’ and Hannah Mackenzie tells us more about them…in part four of ‘nit picking’. A study in 2015 done by researchers at southern Illinois University reveals lice in 25 U.S. states were resistant to over the counter and traditional treatments… Texas is one of those states. “The majority of states in the united states head lice have become resistant to drugs.” Dr. Sergio Ramirez associates ‘super lice’ with the recent spike in lice cases he’s seen come...

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus Sends 75,000+ Kids to Hospital each Year

Coughs are hard to distinguish… How do you know if your child has a common cold–or something more serious like RSV? RSV is highly contagious. It’s spread through airborne droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. I spoke with a local doctor who tells me he sees plenty of patients with RSV or Respiratory Syncytial Virus; he adds it’s most dangerous to children. “It’s an infection that in older kids and adults, can present like a cold, but in very young infants, especially neo-nats, they can get quite sick with this infection.” Dr. Sergio Ramirez says RSV can...

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Weslaco Interim Police Chief Retires after 20 Years

Weslaco (KFXV) – After 20 years in the police department, interim police chief Sergio Ramirez handed city officials a letter of retirement. The move comes 6 months after Ramirez took over the department following former chief Michael Kelly’s retirement in May. From day one, Ramirez faced a divided department and internal opposition to his appointment, jumping from corporal to interim chief. “We have disgruntled employees that wanted somebody else here, they want to run the P.D. and they didn’t get their way,” says Sergio Ramirez, interim Weslaco police chief. Two months later, a group of 16 officers file a...

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Weslaco PD to divide City into additional Patrol Sectors for Crime Reduction

WESLACO – In an effort to reduce crime in the city of Weslaco interim police chief Sergio Ramirez has developed a new plan for the police department. For 27 years the Weslaco police department has been divided into 4 sectors and soon, it will be divided into six. Adding two sectors they say will increase the number of officers on the streets from five to more than eight. A Weslaco police department spokesperson tells Fox 2 News, police will target crimes like theft and robberies which are the most common crimes in that area. These new changes will begin...

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