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Update on Bones found in Edcouch Septic Tank

The Hidalgo County sheriff’s Office has released new details on bones found in a septic tank in Edcouch. On July 26 FOX NEWS was in Edcouch just moments after residents reported finding bones in a septic tank behind their home. Today, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra announced 40-year-old, Aristeo Cervantes Junior is responsible for the murder of the yet unidentified woman that occurred over a decade ago. According to the sheriff, Cervantes’s daughter and her boyfriend who were living in the house at the time, reported finding human remains and a women’s boot in the septic tank after having...

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Bones discovered in Elsa Septic Tank

Elsa (KFXV) — This is the reaction San Juanita Dena had to know that bones were found in a septic tank in her neighborhood this morning. At 9:15 pm last night, police received a call from a women in Elsa stating she found bones in a septic tank in the backyard of her trailer home. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department and Hidalgo County Precinct 1 were at the scene investigating throughout the day for various hours, crews brought in a backhoe to dig up the bones that were on Dallas Street west of Mile...

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