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Wife Speaks About Beloved Man Fatally Struck by Vehicle

SAN JUAN (KFXV) — Tonight, police identify the body of a man who was run over in San Juan less than 24 hours ago. He was officially identified as 51 year old, Candelario Sanchez a well known street vender in several valley cities. Fox News spoke to his wife in an exclusive interview. We spoke to Candelario Sanchez’s wife who says had not seen her husband in over 15 years. Just hours ago she picked up the phone only to hear she needed to travel several hours and identify her husband’s body. According to police the incident took place...

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Several Hospitalized After Three Car Accident

San Juan (KFXV) — Several are hospitalized after an accident involving three vehicles. These are exclusive Fox 2 News Images, our cameras were on the scene while those involved in the accident were being cared for and transported to the hospital via ambulance. The incident happened on the intersection of Raul Longoria and FM 495. San Juan Police and emergency personnel responded to the accident. We learned that three adults were involved in the crash. At this moment, the investigation continue to determine what caused the three car...

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‘Bubble Gum Bandit’ Caught by Police

The self-proclaimed ‘Bubble Gum Bandit’ responsible for stealing more than $750 worth of chewing gum has been arrested. 50 year-old José Flores was arrested Tuesday after being linked to three thefts at the ‘El Tigre’ convenience store located near Trenton Road and Raul Longoria in rural Edinburg. Flores allegedly told investigators he was stealing the gum, and then selling the packages to local drive thru stores. His bond is set at...

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