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What is Bitcoin, and why is it worth more than Gold?

BY ANTHONY ACOSTA McAllen (KFXV) – The recent attacks involving the “Wannacry” Ransomware has had an interesting side-effect in that its helping to boost the profile the Bitcoin Cyber-Currency. Many have asked, what is a bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that lets two people exchange money without involving any banks or credit card issuers or any kind of third parties. This one fact makes it a very attractive currency to cyberattackers as seen in the most recent ransomware attacks. So what EXACTLY is a bitcoin?  A user will mine a bitcoin by using their CPU power to verify...

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Experts try to figure out who’s behind global ransomware cyberattack

BY KELVIN CHAN HONG KONG (AP) — Experts are trying to figure out who’s behind a global “ransomware” software cyberattack that shut down hundreds of thousands of computers around the world by exploiting a software vulnerability. Some details about the “WannaCry” attack, which emerged late Friday, and what you can do to stay safe: HOW THE VIRUS WORKS Cybersecurity experts say the worm affects computers using Microsoft operating systems and takes advantage of a vulnerability in the software to spread the infection. “WannaCry” is particularly malicious because it takes just one person to click on an infected link or...

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