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Local Officials Pushes For Vote on New Hidalgo Courthouse

MISSION (KFXV) — Hidalgo County plans to spend nearly 150 million dollars on a new courthouse without increasing taxes. One mayor is saying should be done before moving forward with the project. Mayor Norberto Salinas of Mission, Texas tells us it’s only fair that county officials explain why a new courthouse is needed to Hidalgo County taxpayers. Salinas says voters should have a say on whether the county should move forward with construction of a new courthouse, which is estimated to cost 150 million dollars. Salinas argues that even when county officials say the project will be completed without...

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Hidalgo Commissioners Unanimously Vote Against Border Wall

HIDALGO COUNTY (KFXV) — Today, the Hidalgo County commissioners court unanimously voted to reject the border wall the President plans to build. Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia explains that he and the other commissioners believe the construction of the border wall will be costly, and don’t believe it’ll economically benefit the community based on what legislators have presented. In this morning’s assembly, were people who are supporting the construction of the wall, citing it guarantees security to Hidalgo County...

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