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John Feit, Former Priest and Murder Suspect, Faces Judge

New information on John Feit, the former priest and prime suspect in the 1960 murder of Irene Garza. Now, the defense is asking for access to the physical evidence documents and the prosecution’s list of witnesses. During the hearing this morning, a motion was granted to visit the scene of the crime, now the church has a deadline of June 15th to respond. If the church approves, the defense will be able to take video and pictures on church grounds. This March a judge placed a million dollar bond on the former priest which Feit’s attorney tried to get...

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Brownsville Police Arrest Prime Suspect in Cold Case

11 years after a Brownsville murder, police have arrested their prime suspect. The Brownsville police chief Orlando Rodriguez announced the capture of 37-year-old Felix Rey Abundez accused of killing Dean Martinez and Adan Montes in November of 1995. The victims were allegedly gunned down in front of a home located on 1000 block of Taylor Street after a confrontation with Abundez. Police and the U.S. Marshals arrested Abundez on Thursday and remains behind bars under a $3 Million Dollar...

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Texas Syndicate Gang Member Arrested for Shooting Man in Face

A Texas Syndicate gang member accused of shooting a man in the face has been arrested. Police say an anonymous tip led them to a Brownsville neighborhood where they located 30-year-old Antonio Martin Ayala, identified as the prime suspect in shooting of an alleged Vallucos gang member. “As the agents approached him and tried to identify him he ran on foot, there was a short pursuit and was taken into custody.” Police add that the shooting was not an act of retaliation, but is believed to be related to a love...

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Police Name Prime Suspect in Double Homicide Investigation

Authorities have named a prime suspect, connected to an aggravated kidnapping and double homicide investigation. Twenty nine-year-old Mexican national Martin Margarito is thought to be involved in the kidnapping and murders of 26-year-old Victor Manuel Garcia and 39-year-old Elia Margarita Flores. The pair was kidnapped at gunpoint on October 29. Garcia’s body was found almost a week later in rural McAllen. Flores’ body wasn’t found until November 10 in rural Donna. Both victims were shot to death. Margarito is currently in Federal...

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