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President Obama Meets w. Tech Giants over NSA, Healthcare.gov

President Barack Obama met with more than a dozen tech company bosses Tuesday; one week after industry leaders asked the government to change its spying practices. It includes representatives of Google, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo, Netflix and Facebook. The White House meeting comes a day after a federal judge said the government’s collection of domestic phone records is unconstitutional. Such practices were brought to light by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked the classified information. The closed-door meeting was also expected to include talks about how the tech sector can help the government avoid IT debacles like...

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President Obama To Allow Canceled Health Plans

President Obama makes a new promise to the millions holding cancelled health insurance policies under the affordable care act, the president is calling it a fix to a broken promise. President Obama says he’ll restore for one-year the health insurance plans which have been canceled for millions, amounting to what he says is five percent of americans. Many of those policies are being cancelled because Obamacare deems them substandard but now they will remain valid next year even if they don’t offer all the benefits required under the affordable care act. House Speaker John Boehner says the house will...

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