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Congressists Urge Obama To Pardon ‘Dreamers’

RGV (KFXV) — This is the letter that three members of Congress sent to President Obama hoping to protect 750,000 dreamers from being deported under President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises. Abraham Diaz, DACA beneficiary who’s been living in the U.S. since he was eight years old has only ever known the land of opportunity. Three democratic lawmakers in this letter expressing their concern about the future of thousands of dreamers, even quoting President Obama who said they “live in our neighborhood , go to our schools and are Americans in their hearts– urging him to exercise his constitutional authority...

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RGV Woman At DNC Watches Hillary Clinton Become Presidential Candidate

Philadelphia (KFXV) — 27-year-old, Merly Sauz says the  energy and the unity in the convention is what has been most exciting and also knowing she is witnessing history in the making. A speech President Obama gave at the University of Texas Pan American in 2008 now UTRGV inspired her, to make the trip to Philadelphia to support her democratic candidate.   Sauz is now a grad student at Harvard University.  She says her goal is to practice law focusing on Immigration and employee rights and says the feeling of togetherness at the convention is why she feels she’s in...

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Anti-Transgender Bathroom Directive Sparks Protest outside Gov. Abbott’s McAllen Book Signing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott paid a visit to McAllen today, promoting his new book. But as Hannah Mackenzie reports, not every Rio Grande Valley resident welcomed the governor with open arms. Governor Greg Abbott spent the afternoon signing copies of his new book, “Broken but Unbowed”. “It’s a story that explains how anyone can face the most daunting challenges,” says Governor Abbott. “Yet rise above them and overcome them.” Just a few hundred feet away, dozens of protesters voiced their opinion in support of the LGBTQ community. Reporter: “The protesters out there, they are kind of saying the same...

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