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Catholic Church Stresses Jubilee Message of Mercy During Easter Weekend

Hundreds of Catholics across the Valley have started Easter celebrations by holding the traditional vigil of Good Friday. And as they gather in basilicas and parishes, catholic leaders remind them of Pope Francis’ jubilee message of mercy. The Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan is one of the places of worship during the vigil for Christ’s death. The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville says Good Friday is particularly important this time around, after Pope Francis called for mercy during this year of jubilee, stressing the need to forgive others for their sins as Jesus did when he died on...

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Valley Residents Travel to Meet Pope Francis in Washington D.C.

Here in the Valley, those expecting to meet with Pope Francis are Bishop Daniel Flores and Sister Norma Pimentel from the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville. The pair took off from McAllen International Airport this morning and arrived in Washington D.C. around 3 pm, nearly the exact same time as the Pope. Pimentel has been communicating to her followers on twitter today. One of the messages reading: “excited to be on my way to D.C., pray for me.” This is the first time that Sister Pimentel will be meeting Pope Francis in person, after she, and her parish, participated in...

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Two RGV Women To Walk 100 Miles To Deliver Message To Pope

Alamo (KFXV) – New York is expecting Pope Francis’ visit on September 23-rd. Reason why 100 migrant women from around the nation are preparing for his visit. Two valley women are among the 100 who are taking part in the 100-mile march from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. One of those women is Rosa San Luis, a community organizer who will take part in the walk, hosted by the National Domestic Workers Alliance. The group of women hopes they get the opportunity to share their stories to pope Francis so he may relay their prayers and wishes to president Obama...

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Vatican Updates Divorce Policy

The Vatican announces Pope Francis is updating the process in which Catholics can annul their marriages. This move is more evidence of the pope’s plan to make the church more welcoming. Three main changes come along with this new update. The first, a second review by a religious leader has to happen before a marriage can be dissolved. Second, bishops can now give annulments themselves in certain circumstances, such as spousal abuse or affairs. Thirdly, annulments should be free of cost. Vatican Updates Divorce...

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United States Looks to Normalize Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

After more than fifty years, President Obama announcing today that the U.S. will normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and establish an embassy in Havana. The announcement also came with a U.S. Cuban prisoner swap that includes the release of American citizen Alan Gross. According to Washington insiders, the policy change has been in the works for months, with President Obama speaking directly to Cuban President Raul Castro to finalize details. Both presidents spoke publicly today about the historic change, thanking Canada and Pope Francis for helping facilitate the negotiations between both...

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