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Firefighters Battle Olmito Blaze for Second Day

Olmito (KFXV) — On the intersection of FM 1732 and Carmen Avenue where fire units remain on the scene making sure this more than 24 hour fire is completely put out. Strong winds, shredded tires and brush were only several of the factors that help intensify and prolong this fire. Gerardo Cisneros is a manager at this local business a place that’s suffered damages including a burnt fence due to the fire. Two other buildings did not have the same luck and were completely consumed by the flames. At this point, no injuries are reported, however authorities continue monitoring...

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ARISE Warns of Toxic Fish at Donna Lake

The community-based organization, known as ARISE, says the fish at Donna Lake is contaminated with PVC; a toxic chemical that if consumed could cause serious health complications. ARISE says many residents are not properly warned and continue fishing in Donna Lake. Donna’s Irrigation District says the water has been polluted for some time because of transformers in the lake. U.S. Parks and wildlife allow people to practice the sport but are not allowed to take the fish. ARISE says they are awaiting a final pollution report by the EPA on the toxicity levels in Donna Lake.   According to...

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Green Guide to 8 Common Construction Materials

Are you planning to build, remodel, or renovate a house this year … or maybe even just daydreaming about it? If that’s the case, then you will want to read through this listing of eight of today’s commonly used construction materials and the most environmentally friendly ways in which to utilize them. Discuss this guide with your general contractor and ask for his or her specific recommendations in order to make your new home efficient, gorgeous and green. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. Traditionally used for supports, walls, floors, and exterior structures (driveways, patios, and walkways), this...

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Closed Loop Recycling: What it Means for You

If you’re a regular recycler, determinedly hauling your bottles, cans, and paper to the curb or to dedicated drop-offs, more power to you. You are working hard to keep our planet green. However, this effort addresses just a part of the recycling equation. For the process to work as it’s intended, someone (or, more likely, some corporation) has to be ready to pick up the materials and transform them into usable goods, which, in turn, consumers must choose to buy. This entire multi-step process, encompassing the entire product lifecycle, is referred to as closed loop recycling. Why Recycle? Proponents...

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Disposing of your Christmas Tree the Eco-Friendly Way

The holiday season has ended, and it’s time to get rid of those Christmas trees, fox 2 news spoke to experts from the McAllen Recycling Center to find out how you can properly dispose of yours. For some, December marks the beginning of Christmas, but for others it’s seen as the month that produces the most trash throughout the year, the month in which most electricity is used, and also the month most pollution is released into the atmosphere. These latter facts are why experts are advising on how to dispose of your Christmas spirit–the eco friendly way. If you live in McAllen you may leave your tree in front of your home, or go to the recycling center nearest you. However if you live in the valley, you should drop your tree and trash off at the nearest recycling center, just as Mr. Coning has done, who is coming from the city of mission. By recycling your tree you’re not only helping the environment but also contributing to the gardening industry as trees are crushed and converted into fertilizer for plants. Visit the official site of your city to know where you can recycle your tree and contribute fighting pollution to keep the planet safe. Remember, if you deposit your tree in the trash will not be recycled. If you’d like more information on these important tips you...

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