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Mom in minivan helps police chase down shoplifting suspect

17 NOV 17 14:14 ET By Pat Reavy Click here for updates on this story American Fork, Utah (KSL) — Krystal Tukuafu has used her minivan to haul furniture and as a camper. Now, Tukuafu can boast that she used her minivan to help a police officer chase down a shoplifting suspect and arrest him. On Wednesday, Tukuafu was shopping with her 3-year-old son when she noticed an American Fork police officer running after a man. Tukuafu, who has about 1,000 followers on Instagram, began livestreaming the chase. She followed the men for a while as the chase unfolded....

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Brownsville Police raise money to fight against prostate and testicular cancer

November is designated nationally as the month to bring awareness on the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. Brownsville Police have decided to show their support for the cause by letting their beards and mustaches grow to increase awareness on the subject. The department says it’s going one step further by fundraising during the campaign. Any money donated to the Brownsville Police Department will go towards institutions that help men battle against these forms of...

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How cops could get your data without unlocking your phone

Image License Photo: Apple Inc. 10 NOV 17 15:34 ET Selena Larson (CNN Money) — Apple once again is finding itself at the center of a debate around law enforcement and encryption. On Thursday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein cited the recent Texas mass shooting as an example of why encryption backdoors — or ways to circumvent security and privacy protocols — are necessary. The tech company said it offered to help the FBI after the agency said it could not unlock the phone of Texas shooter Devin Kelley. He is accused of killing 26 people and then himself...

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Brownsville Police searching for a woman accused of kidnapping her own daughter

Brownsville Police are looking for a mother accused of kidnapping her own daughter. Child Protective Services removed the child from the mother due to an arrest. Detectives are looking for 21 year old, Francia Joseline Villegas and her 1 year old daughter, Paris Gomez. Police say Villegas removed a court ordered ankle monitor and was last seen walking towards gateway international bridge. The woman is known to wear eyeglasses. If you know any information on Francia Joseline Villegas and her daughter Paris Gomez, you are asked to call the Brownsville Crime Stoppers at...

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Man accused of assaulting an officer on the run

Santa Rosa Police are looking for a man accused of assaulting a police officer. According to authorities, José Armando De León tried to run over the police chief in his car when he tried to flee from cops Tuesday morning.  This started a chase through the mid valley area but, De Leon got away. Officers lost the track of him in the Mercedes area.  If you have information on this case, call the Santa Rosa Police Department at (956)...

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