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Texas State Trooper in Hot Water for Photo with Snoop Dog

A Texas State Trooper finds himself in some hot water after posing for a photo with rapper, Snoop Dog. Trooper Billy Spears was working the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, when Snoop Dog asked to take a picture with him. The rapper later posted that photo on his Instagram account. Now, Spears has been cited by DPS officials for quote: taking a picture with a known criminal. Spears’ lawyer arguing that there is no policy against taking pictures with the...

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Mexico’s Colima Volcano Spouts Ash, Hot Rock

The Colima volcano in western Mexico has erupted, sending a column of ash about 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air. Mexico’s federal civil defense office said Friday that ash has fallen on towns as far as 15 miles (25 kilometers) from the peak, which is also known as the Volcano of Fire. Glowing hot rock tumbled down the volcano’s flanks over a mile (2 kilometers) from the crater. The office says the eruption is much lower in intensity than ones in 2005 that forced evacuations. No injuries or evacuations were reported Friday. The 12,533-foot (3,820-meter) volcano is 430...

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4 Ways Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter Than Ever

It used to be that we adults just had to worry about keeping up with our children in the smarts department. (Remember the first time you had to ask your offspring to show you how to use email or Facebook?) Now, as the technological revolution progresses ever farther and ever faster, we are faced with a new challenge … these days, not only our kids but even our houses are getting smarter than we are. You’ve heard of a smart house system? (If you haven’t, just ask your kids what it is.) Well, today’s home is no longer merely...

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