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Digest this: heavy people may die up to 3 years early

LONDON (AP) — Being too heavy may cost you your life – literally. Scientists say overweight people die one year earlier than expected and that moderately obese people die up to three years prematurely. Doctors have long warned that being overweight can lead to health complications including heart disease, stroke and cancer, and previous studies have already found that extra pounds can take years off your life, based mostly on data from Europe and North America. In the new study, which the authors say is the largest-ever such analysis, researchers sifted through data for nearly 4 million non-smoking adults...

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Texas Student Volunteers to Research Zika Cases in Nicaragua

The war against the Zika virus continues throughout Latin America and in the U.S. with scientists seeking ways to control and prevent the spread of the virus. A former Valley student is about to embark on a mission to fight Zika in the front lines of Nicaragua. Etienne Jaime is enlisting to fight one of the most talked about and least understood viruses: Zika. A virus that has set off health alerts in Brazil and all of South and North America, with the CDC saying it can cause microcephaly in newborns. Etienne is one of 20 students across the...

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Urine test could simplify Zika virus detection

NEW YORK (AP) — A urine-based test for Zika virus infection has shown to be more effective than the common blood-based one for many patients, a development that could make testing for the infection easier. The test could potentially aid efforts to control Zika, which is mainly carried by mosquitoes, as it is expected to spread further into North America in the coming months. “The timing is excellent,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new testing guidance Tuesday, saying the virus particles can be detected at...

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