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85-95 MPH Winds Damage Mission Communities, 2400 Residents Remain without Power

Many Rio Grande Valley residents spent the day clearing up damage from last night’s storms…Hannah Mackenzie joins us live from Mission where the damage appears to be the worst. I’m here at Chimney Park RV resort in Mission. Behind me, you can see several damaged trees; even an overturned trailer home. Perhaps most surprising of all: the fact that this isn’t the aftermath of a tornado. With downed power lines, trees snapped in half, what used to be metal sheds, now wrapped around fences like aluminum foil, officials say last night’s storm hit Mission the hardest. “You started to...

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Caught on Camera: Tornado Rips through Oklahoma

Check out this crazy video of a tornado moving through Elmore City, Oklahoma. The national weather service has issued a tornado emergency for south central Oklahoma. They say the potential for damage is “catastrophic.” Meteorologists estimate the tornado to be at least an EF-2, or possibly a low end EF-3. Multiple homes and structures were damaged or destroyed by the tornado, including some mobile homes and...

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Hidalgo County Officials Speaking out on Lightning Safety Protocol

According to the Hidalgo County Health Department, trees are a natural lightning rod, reason why one should never use them as a shelter. “You are a great conductor to lightning; it will go right through you, to get to the earth.” According to the National Weather Service, if you stay home during a thunderstorm, you should also take precautions. Avoid jumping into the shower and make sure to unplug all electrical...

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Snowstorm wreaks havoc on sports schedule and team travel

(A.P)A blizzard menacing the Eastern United States disrupted the sports schedule Friday while wreaking havoc with team travel plans. Two NBA games and one in the NHL were postponed as were plenty of basketball games and NASCAR’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The NBA said Boston’s game at Philadelphia scheduled for Saturday night will be made up on Sunday at 7 p.m. The Utah Jazz’s game at Washington, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Saturday, will be reset at a later date. The NHL initially shifted the starting time of Friday’s game between the Washington Capitals and Anaheim, moving it up...

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Hurricane Patricia makes Landfall in Mexico with 165 MPH Winds

In tonight’s top story, Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded made landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast about 6:15 this evening with 165 mile per hour winds. The storm began lashing the coast this evening with strong winds and rain as tourists and residents sought shelter. Areas near the expected landfall braced for potentially catastrophic 200 mph sustained winds and torrential rains. According to the head of the Mexican Agency, which includes the country’s National Weather Service, Patricia is quote: the most dangerous storm in history. According to experts, the hurricane is so big and so intense that it...

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