NASA Discovers Earth-Like Planet

In more remarkable news, NASA making a major announcement today–they’ve found a planet–closely resembling earth. The name of the planet is Kepler 452 B and scientists say it’s the closest thing to being earth-like that has been discovered. The planet is slightly larger than earth, is roughly 6 billion years old, and it orbits around a star–somewhat like our sun. Even more impressive: NASA says it may have signs of...

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Valley Tech Bytes: NASA Robots, $6K Toilet?!

NASA is showing off one of its newest creations. It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but NASA’s new Valkyrie super robot is no Hollywood special effect, it has detachable arms, sonar sensors, and looks a little like a popular superhero. With Christmas about a week away, we are sure you’ll be scrambling for some gifts but check this out. For just under $6,000, there’s the Numi digital toilet by Kohler. Apart from the standard features like a seat warmer, there is also a deodorizer and foot dryer. If toilets aren’t your style, but the...

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