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New American Writers Museum narrates Great American Story

BY HILLEL ITALIE CHICAGO (AP) — The American Writers Museum , seven years in the making, is an endeavor even the most daring author might shy from: How, on a single floor of an office building, do you tell the story of centuries of American language? The museum’s curators wanted the broadest possible concept of writing, one that includes not just novels, memoirs and poetry, but screenplays, journalism, rap lyrics, advertising slogans and even stand-up comedy. Prince and Tupac Shakur are represented along with Harper Lee and Thomas Jefferson. Homes and institutions throughout the country are dedicated to individual...

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Centennial of US entrance into WWI lures visitors to museum

BY HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Crossing a glass walkway that spans a field of 9,000 poppies, visitors to the official U.S. memorial to World War I are transported to a time when tanks and air warfare were new and the hopeful flowers sprang up on the barren, trench-dotted battlefields where hundreds of thousands of soldiers died. The museum, which is housed under a tower that rises 217 feet (66 meters) into the Kansas City skyline and is topped by a giant flame, will be the site of a remembrance Thursday to mark the 100-year anniversary of...

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